Why sell your house to Casavo?

The main benefit of selling your home to Casavo is that you don’t have to waste time and energy looking for a buyer: Casavo will buy your house directly from you.

This translates into a variety of other benefits and eliminates the stress of the traditional sales process.

Maximum 2 visits

After you have requested a free valuation of your property on our website, we will contact you to set up a visit with one of our experts and, when necessary, an inspection.

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100% cash payment, right away

Once you have accepted our purchase offer, we will make an appointment with the notary to sign the closing documents. At that point, we will pay you 100% of the money owed.

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213 DAYS

No sales costs

The service Casavo offers is free. Simply put, the purchase offer is the market value of the property minus a small percentage. Then, most of our profit comes from reselling the property after it has been renovated and sometimes split up into smaller units.

The benefits don’t stop here!

  • Simple process

    Request a free valuation online

    Enter your address and obtain a free valuation of your property in real time. Then one of our experts will contact you and take you through the necessary steps to receive a formal purchase offer.

  • Guaranteed price

    Receive your free offer today

    After the visit to your property, we will make you a preliminary offer. This offer will then be confirmed after the inspection, becoming a verified purchase offer. You can think it over and get in touch with any questions you have before deciding to sign the contract.

  • Match expectations

    Everything will go according to plan

    Now the only thing left to do is draw up the closing documents and meet at the notary’s office to sign them. You no longer have to worry about anything: you’ll receive 100% of the cash... and we will take care of the rest!

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Get an instant valuation

Do you want to sell your home but don’t know where to begin? Start with our free online valuation and find out the market value of your property. After that, you don’t have to do anything else, we will contact you.

Do you need help? Contact us or have a look at our FAQs

Our clients

  • Ludovica

    "When I saw the other listings, I could never imagine how the home would look after a renovation. Instead, on the Casavo website, thanks to the high-quality photos and virtual tour, I had a clear idea from the very start. This gave me a lot of confidence when buying."

  • Giuseppe

    "I chose Casavo for their speed: the traditional sales process did not correspond to my needs"

  • Antonella

    "We have chosen Casavo to sell, and we would choose it again if we were to buy. We trust them so much that we would invest in Casavo if we could!"