, Alessandro Dadone

Casavo is hosting the first PyLadies meet-up in Milan

Casavo will host the first meet-up of PyLadies , a worldwide group of women who love Python programming language. Some of them hack on Python projects on the side, while others work full-time on Python development.

PyLadies will open the Milan chapter of PyLadies with the first meet-up and the first speaker, Elena Terenzi from Microsoft, who will talk about using the Deep Learning framework, PyTorch, for analyzing satellite pictures.

Elena Terenzi is a software engineer at Microsoft, where she helps enterprises solve their challenges with ML and Data Analytics solutions, such as recently helping big FSI and Retail businesses with Computer Vision and Deep Learning solutions. She started her career with data as a database administrator and data analyst for an investment bank in Italy. Elena holds a master’s degree in AI and NLP from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

As a confirmation of its commitment to support innovation and exchange of ideas in the field of technology, Casavo has chosen to host the event in its new office in Milan. Our company was born as a technology platform to revolutionize the traditional market sector with the aim of using innovation to improve user’s experience. Within our team, developers and data scientists work each day to make our activities more efficient and evolutionary.

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