Corporate News

A new financing round to focus...

Last week we announced the closing of a new funding round called “Series B”, that follows the Series A one just after 7 months. We … Read more

Antonella and Carlo’s story

Antonella and Carlo have decided to sell their house to move outside of Rome. To do this, they chose to rely on Casavo, solving any complexity and without having to change their lives!

Carlo’s story

“Can you tell us a little about your old apartment?” It was a nice apartment where I lived for 10 years and, all things considered, … Read more

Viller’s story

“Tell us about your old house” The house that we decided to sell was a studio apartment we were renting out for years. The tenants … Read more

Laura’s story

Can you tell us a bit about your old house? It was a family house. There were seven of us, my parents and five children. … Read more

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