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Selling and Buying – Chiara’s Story

Hi Chiara! Why did you decide to sell your property and what did you think of the selling process?

Everything began with wanting to purchase a new home. I began looking for a new, larger apartment in another area of the city and therefore I couldn’t keep my current home. With regards to the selling process, I was very happy. I don’t have a lot of experience in selling or buying houses, but I have to say that my impression regarding the assistance I received was excellent and I was met with kindness and understanding in aspects such as the possibility to move houses before the last papers were signed. I also found them very flexible when making appointments and keeping costs moderate.

The understanding shown to me allowed me to view Casavo not as a cold company but rather as a company made of people. 

We know that you decided to purchase your new home as well with Casavo, why did you decide to rely on us again? 

Searching on the portals, I had found a property that interested me and it was one managed by Casavo. The fact that it was a structure that had been completely renovated into new smaller properties was very interesting to me and I immediately got in touch with you.

When you decided to purchase the house, what steps did you take?

I began with the classic search on the main online sites. I found the listing for a house that interested me, actually it had been there for a while but hadn’t been sold. I was among the first to make an appointment for a site visit and, knowing the speed of the Milan housing market, I was quick to make an offer. It was love at first sight!

How many houses did you visit before finding the house of your dreams?

I had only viewed listings online, but then contacting the various agencies I discovered that they had all been sold, therefore it was the first and only house that I visited. Because I was immediately convinced, I made an appointment for a second visit right away. A little after that I submitted an offer, I have to say that compared to normal I was really very fast.

Why did you decide to purchase this specific house?

Among the factors were the location, the price per square meter, the layout of the house, and other various characteristics that were in line with what I was looking for. All my boxes were checked. The only thing that wasn’t totally satisfied was the size because it is slightly smaller than what I was looking for, but I think it was an acceptable compromise given that all the other parameters that I had set were satisfied, especially the price.

Did you know about Casavo before selling and buying? What was your first impression?

No, I didn’t know about Casavo. I learned about it after it was mentioned to me. I started doing a little research on my own and I read some articles about it in “Il Sole 24 ORE”. My first impression was that it is an innovative formula and useful for enlarging the market, even allowing the client to make some decisions regarding the renovation. From the point of view of selling, instead, Casavo offers a definite price, guarantees you an amount and also with regards to the timeline you already know that, unless there is some external reason, in 30 days the process is concluded.

Would you recommend to a friend to buy or sell a property with Casavo? And why? 

Absolutely yes! As far as purchasing, I would recommend it without a doubt because the properties that are sold by Casavo have honest prices that are in line with the market. The same also with respect to selling: the possibility to reduce the time needed and the reliability of the price proposed eliminates a lot of worries that can surface when you sell a house, especially if you are in a hurry; and the fact that you don’t have to worry about the future buyer is a big convenience.

Perfect! We want to wish you the best of luck with this new chapter of your life! 

Thank you so much!

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