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Daniela's story

“Daniela De Simone and her sister are now able to sell their childhood memories home through Casavo.”

“After doing a lot of research on your agency, we realized that you could have been the solution to our problems!”

Can you tell us a little bit about your old apartment?

Well, it was my family home and I was born there. My sister and I are personally attached to this house because we were raised there by our parents and it’s full of memories. Unfortunately, in Summer 2016 my father suddenly passed away, therefore we have inherited this flat.

After having examined the situation, we thought that the best decision was to sell it.

What made you sell it?

Well, the reason is that my sister lives abroad, she moved to Dubai, so she would’t have been able to go there. I live outside Milan too, so I wouldn’t fully benefit form the flat myself. This house in centrally located in the city of Milan, but we didn’t like the idea to own it and rent it to unknown people; it would have been a waste!

Had it already been on the market before contacting Casavo? If yes, how long
was it on the market for?

Yes, I did this trough an agency. The property stayed on the market for about 3 months. The agency obviously uploaded the ad and the pictures online. Concerning Casavo, you contacted the agency that informed us about your existence. We collected some information about you, but in the beginning I was skeptical. When we received your first proposal, indeed, I won’t deny that I was very worried.

How did you discover Casavo and what made you entrust the sale to us?

It has not been a traditional process where two individuals contacted an agency, it’s not every day an agency buys a property!
However, we decided to change our minds: we did a lot of research, we took additional information and asked for our consultant’s opinion, moreover we got to know Casavo’s holder. We thought he was a nice person, so we decided to rely on you.
The proposal was less than what we had decided and even less that what we had been promised. However, we told each other that accepting your proposal would have been the wisest thing to do in the end, because of the immediate sale and the significant time savings, also because the price offered wasn’t that far from the one we originally thought.

How did you find this selling process with Casavo?

In the first stage, there has been a kind of pre-sell process, in which Casavo obviously wanted to assess a few ordinary things, when buying and selling takes place. Nothing was complicated and just a few visits have been carried out.

Would you recommend the sale process with Casavo?

Absolutely! Casavo uses this innovative formula which didn’t exist in Italy until now. You solved us a lot of problems, I shall say, and you have radically reduced the selling costs of our property. Moreover, we had the money immediately available, of course I suggest Casavo!

Actually, I know you don’t deal with the outskirts of Milan yet, but I would be more that happy if you could help me to sell my property outside Milan too!

Sold with Casavo

Received offer in

30 days

Final price

245.000 Eur

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