, Alessandro Dadone

Our new blog dedicated to technology: thoughts and stories from our team

Technological development has always been a crucial element of Casavo. Casavo was founded with the vision of using technology to simplify the real estate world. As we grew as a business, our investment in technology has also grown, because it represents the key to the scalability of our business. Not only: users are at the core of our efforts and technology allows us to release new products and features to better serve them, fulfilling our mission. Each phase of the development of our reality has been different with new needs, new problems that have always required new solutions and new products.

Our Tech, Product, and Design teams are faced with new challenges every day, which requires them to constantly find new solutions. Solutions that allow us to grow as a business but above all as professionals. Solutions that often confront us with small and large failures, as failures are a fundamental part of life and of product development. Solutions that arise, in most cases, from discussion and sharing.

And it is precisely with this mindset that we have decided to launch a new editorial initiative, creating a new space dedicated to thoughts and stories from our Tech, Product, and Design teams. A space that goes beyond the world of real estate or Proptech, in which we operate, but which aims at being a platform to share. Successful solutions, failures, reports, and analyses – these are some of the topics and themes that will find a home in our new platform.

We will leave the floor to those who work every day on these problems, but above all to those who are passionate about these fascinating topics. Thanks to the articles, you will get to know not only the professionalism of our colleagues but their passion and willingness to share what they do every day.

It will not be a space dedicated to the celebration of our successes, but a space that allows us to share our experiences and stories. In short, it will be a bit like a shared diary, which we can’t wait to open to all of you.

See you there!

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