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A day at Casavo as Seller Advisor Expert: Francesco

Here at Casavo our mission is to change the way people sell, live and buy homes in Europe. Everyday, we work all together to achieve this objective. Each of us is empowered from day 1 to take responsibility, drive change and make an impact. An example of someone who demonstrates these, is Francesco.

Francesco’s passion for his job as Seller Advisor Expert fuels him to continuously find axes of improvement in our internal processes and also to provide the best experience to property sellers. In this feature we chat with Francesco to learn more about his experience at Casavo and his job.

Hi Francesco, thank you for having this chat with us. Please tell us more about yourself.

Hi! Thanks for giving me this opportunity! So, a few words about myself. Before joining Casavo in mid 2020, I did a Bachelor's degree in Business and Finance in Venice and then I moved to London to do my Masters in Real Estate. After my internship in the UK, I came back to Italy to join Casavo.

Since, I am based in Milan and have grown a lot! I started as a Junior, then Senior and now I am a Seller Advisor Expert.

What excites you the most about working in Casavo?

I think the work environment is what excites me the most. Because at Casavo there is a very young, progressive and open to change mindset. You can have a real impact on the company and propose changes, ideas... The ownership and responsibility each of us is given could be scary, but at the same this is what is challenging and exciting.

What does a day in your life as a Seller Advisor Expert look like?

It depends if I stay home, or if I go to the office. But, basically, my day to day is to be in contact with potential sellers who made a valuation on our website and advise them what's the service that fits the most for them: if they should sell their properties to Casavo, or sell their properties with Casavo. There are lots of phone calls with sellers, I got to visit many properties each day to give my first impressions to the Pricing Team and build the investment case. The fun and exciting part are the negotiations with the sellers.

What is one of your best memories with Casavo?

Let me tell you this story: I joined Casavo in July 2020 and my birthday is on September 10. My onboarding went super well, I met lots of people during my first weeks in Casavo, and I got very good relationships with my colleagues. So, the day of my birthday we organized a team-building and after it, we went out all together to a Mexican place in Milan. It was a crazy moment and it really reinforced the relationship within the Team.

Pick one of the Casavo values and explain why it is important in your Team?

I guess that the “extra-mile” value is really important, and I really appreciate it. It’s not important to “do it”, but it’s important to “be like this”. You have to take Casavo's project and make it yours. Because otherwise, if you work as if you were working in a “post office”, as we say in Italy, it doesn’t work and match. Here, extra-mile doesn’t mean “extra hours work”, but it means to be invested in the company project, and help colleagues when needed.

What is a lesser-known fact that you wish people knew about your role?

I am visiting from 10 to 15 people’s houses every week. And it is so cool and at the same time crazy to deep dive in the intimacy of all these people. And I get to adapt myself during each visit because each client is different. Sometimes the seller is a lawyer, the day after a millennials guy like me, and another day a baby boomer. Also, it makes me discover many different places in Milan: I can visit beautiful houses, dirty ones:each visit is a different experience!

And now, after 2 years, if you give the area and a short description of the property I can give you the price of the property per square meter.

We are hiring! Interested in joining the Team?

We are always looking for new talents. Check out Casavo’s Career Page to discover all our current open positions.

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