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Preview houses

Only with Casavo, you get a preview of soon-to-be-listed properties. Free of charge.

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Preview houses are available, free of charge,
for all Casavo users.

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Feature 1

First come, first served...

Check out ads for houses not yet on the market, before other people.

Feature 2

Preview visit

If you like the house, you can see it live before it goes on the market.

Feature 3

Buy at the right price

You'll have less competition and can speak with the seller before other buyers to arrive at a fair price for both.

Feature 4

Receive assistance

We accompany sellers and buyers to ensure maximum transparency and reliability.

This is how we do it

Talking to home sellers

Process 1

Those who want to sell can show their house to get an idea of the market. All this, in total confidentiality and only on Casavo.

The house is a preview

Process 2

In your personal area, you will find it as a preview house, i.e. not yet on the market.

We guarantee you'll be at the front of the line

Process 3

If you like the house, reserve your spot for a visit. As soon as you can see it, you'll have precedence.

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Only on Casavo. What are you doing out there?

You can only see the preview houses if you have a Casavo account. Want to come in? You'll have less competition and can seize the moment.

Discover houses not yet on the market, free of charge.