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In Turin, the trends in the real estate market have changed dramatically in the last few years. The areas that in the past were very popular, today have been replaced by other neighborhoods in the city which better meet residents’ current needs. However, there is a need that has remained a priority for homeowners like yourself: to be able to sell your home without straying too far from prevailing prices.

In this type of situation it can be very complicated to establish the correct value of your property. But this is the key element needed to begin the selling process, and we at Casavo want to assist you with this first step, so that you’re satisfied with our service from the very start.

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In Milan, on Corso Buenos Aires, the average price is
5.175 €/mq

Which is the value of your house?

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    Get an instant home valuation and, if you want, request your free offer from us. You’ll be contacted by one of our expert advisors who’ll guide you through the necessary steps to receive a formal purchase offer for your home.

  2. After 7 days

    Receive and evaluate the proposal and amount

    Evaluate our offer and contact us with any questions. We’ll provide you with all the details about our buying process. When you’re ready to sign the contract, we’ll be ready to move forward too.

  3. After 30 days

    After 30 days the transaction will be complete

    We’ll organize a meeting with the notary to sign the final contract and you won’t have anything further to worry about.

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