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Everything is under control: just your phone is enough.

With Casavo the entire sales process is digital and manageable from your phone. Because of this you can follow all the steps with complete transparency and always know where you are in the process. Start with the valuation directly on our website, continue from your phone and you can count on the help of our team during every phase. We know that selling a home is a delicate time, and we will always be available to you.

Here's how it works...

1. Get your property valuation on our website

Receive a property valuation in real time and find out what influences its value.

2. Help us learn more about your home

Avoid all in-person visits. Show us your house during a video call or share photos and a floor plan on our App, so that we can refine the initial valuation.

3. Sell your house

We will make you a purchase offer for your property or look for the perfect buyer for you. Together with us, selling a home is easier.


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A precise value
based on millions of transactions

Every day we invest in research and innovation to create technological solutions that are always more useful and precise. To calculate the value of your house we use an algorithm which takes into consideration millions of real estate transactions like yours. This initial valuation will then be refined further based on the information you share with us later.

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In both cases we provide many services that can make
the sales process an easier and less stressful experience.

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The people behind the technology

Casavo isn't just digital: behind the scenes there is a team of experts who have your best interest at heart and are ready to assist you during the entire sales process.

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We count on our technology, with its constantly updated algorithm, and on our team of well-trained staff who are always here for you.

  • LudovicaWhen I saw the other listings, I could never imagine how the home would look after a renovation. Instead, on the Casavo website, thanks to the high-quality photos and virtual tour, I had a clear idea from the very start. This gave me a lot of confidence when buying.
  • GiuseppeI chose Casavo for their speed: the traditional sales process did not correspond to my needs
  • AntonellaWe have chosen Casavo to sell, and we would choose it again if we were to buy. We trust them so much that we would invest in Casavo if we could!
  • IsabellaThe traditional real estate process was very stressful, a stress from which Casavo instead finally liberated me!
  • GianlucaKnowing that you were going to renovate the property made me happy.
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What is Casavo?

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