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Italy’s first and foremost Instant Buyer

Casavo is Italy’s top Instant Buyer: we buy your house, renovate it and put it back on the market. Sell your home in 30 days or less and receive 100% of the agreed upon amount right away.

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In Milan, on Corso Buenos Aires, the average price is
5.175 €/mq

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    Request a free valuation

    Use our instant home value estimator and learn how much your property is worth. Then, if you’re interested, you can request a purchase offer from us. Our experts will be in touch right away to guide you through the next steps.

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    Get a purchase offer

    Receive and review our offer and call us if you have any questions. When you’re ready to sign the contract, we'll be here and ready to go.

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    Sell in under 30 days and receive all your money

    We’ll arrange a free inspection of your home. Afterwards, you’ll receive the full amount of our cash offer in a matter of days and can move on to your next home stress-free while we handle the rest.

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Why choose an Instant Buyer

Selling a home can be very difficult and unpredictable. At Casavo we believe it doesn’t have to be. We’re here to help homeowners through the selling process, making it easy and stress-free.

  • Fast sale
  • Guaranteed price
  • No home showings to unknown buyers
  • Easy and straightforward process
  • Online home value estimator, instant and transparent

Selling using traditional methods

  • Months of waiting
  • Uncertain selling price
  • Lots of home showings
  • Complex and long process
  • Price expectations often wrong and disappointing

"When I saw the other listings, I could never imagine how the home would look after a renovation. Instead, on the Casavo website, thanks to the high-quality photos and virtual tour, I had a clear idea from the very start. This gave me a lot of confidence when buying."


"I chose Casavo for their speed: the traditional sales process did not correspond to my needs"


"We have chosen Casavo to sell, and we would choose it again if we were to buy. We trust them so much that we would invest in Casavo if we could!"


"The traditional real estate process was very stressful, a stress from which Casavo instead finally liberated me!"


"Knowing that you were going to renovate the property made me happy."


Frequently Asked Questions

Casavo is a PropTech company, the first to bring the property Instant Buying model to Italy. An Instant Buyer purchases properties and puts them back on the market, using data and tech tools to make purchase offers directly and reducing the time it takes to sell a property. The traditional sales process is therefore revolutionized thanks to this new paradigm that is simpler, faster and often advantageous.

Casavo is not a real estate agency: it offers to purchase your home after a maximum of two visits, giving you 100% of the cash in 30 days.

Casavo has inserted itself into the Italian real estate market, which has deep roots and is not very innovative.

Selling your property to Casavo allows you to conclude the transaction in a short amount of time, without accumulating the stress from the traditional sales process we are used to, with its long timelines and many uncertainties.

Casavo allows you to immediately know your property’s market price, thanks to the instant valuation tool on the website. Right after, you have the possibility to ask to be contacted directly by one of the Casavo experts to finish the valuation and receive a purchase offer.

By selling your house to Casavo, you avoid the necessity of organizing numerous open houses (you will have just two visits!) and, above all, you limit the transaction costs because you won’t have to pay commission to a real estate agent.

Take a look at our benefits page to fully understand all the advantages of Casavo compared to a traditional sale.

Casavo reduces the entire sales process to just a few easy steps:

1. Get an algorithm valuation (done by a computer and based on comparison with similar homes to yours because of characteristics and location).

Enter your property’s address on our website and receive an instant valuation of the market value, which is completely free of charge. If you would like, we can set a date to view the property, which can even be done remotely using our app.

2. Sign the offer

After the first visit, we will be able to make a preliminary purchase offer that takes into account all the small details, making it as precise as possible. Once the preliminary offer has been accepted and signed, within 5 days we will initiate the inspection process necessary to validate the offer. If everything goes as planned, at that point we will send you our binding purchase offer in anticipation of the final notary deed.

3. Final closing

After the binding purchase offer, we will meet at the notary’s office to sign the final closing documents and give you 100% of the agreed sum.

At the moment, in Italy, we buy and sell properties within the cities of: Milan, Rome, Turin, Florence and Bologna.

If we don’t currently operate in your city or neighborhood, don’t worry, you can still request a valuation of your property.

An offer is the price and conditions at which we guarantee to purchase your property. Before the inspection, you will receive a preliminary offer (a non-binding letter of intent) that we will confirm, or not, after the inspection by sending a binding purchase offer. The confirmation of the offer depends on the property passing the checks regarding zoning and construction.

If you are thinking of selling your property to Casavo, the first step is to request an instant valuation on our website.

Our valuation is based on the analysis of data and sophisticated and innovative algorithms combined with decades of experience in the real estate sector. This valuation is the first step necessary to sell your house to Casavo, but it is not considered a purchase offer.

In fact, only after an inspection of the property do we proceed with drafting a purchase offer that is more precise and includes even the smallest details of your home.

Our process of valuation and offer formulation is structured in such a way that we end up with a purchase offer that is accurate, taking into account the Instant Buying model we use. Because of this, in general, we don’t negotiate. Our algorithm supplies you with a transparent valuation of the market value, while the offer that follows allows you to sell your property quickly and at a guaranteed price. Once our binding purchase offer has been confirmed, it cannot be modified.

Our service is completely free of charge, there is nothing to pay.

Casavo gets compensation for its services through a small differential applied to the market value of the property. Most of our profit comes from the resale of the property, which is renovated and sometimes split up into smaller units.

Take a look at our benefits page to fully understand all the advantages of Casavo compared to a traditional sale.

Casavo evaluates your property in its current condition and saves you the hassle (and the cost!) of renovating before selling. We will take care of all necessary work after concluding our transaction with you.

The property must be empty by the day we sign the closing documents at the notary’s office. We will decide that date together.

If you are still looking for a new home to purchase, Casavo can even help you with that: take a look at our listings platform!

We already work with many real estate agents in the cities we operate in. Ask your agency to contact us to use the Casavo service.

Casavo is an innovative real estate company that has already successfully completed thousands of transactions in Italy and, since 2017, has gained the trust of Italian and international investors.

Our model is transparent, advantageous and complies with all regulations. We know that selling a house isn’t a trivial matter: if you would like more reassurance, we suggest you reach out to a trusted real estate consultant. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us at the following email [email protected] or by calling our toll-free number 800 180 476: we are at your disposal.

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A real-time valuation

No stress, a clear price and a maximum of 2 property visits.

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