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Home, the place where projects and dreams are born and that changes along with you. Here your journey begins, and to ensure you experience only the best part we've simplified selling and buying a house.

Casavo was created to free you from the complexities that buying and selling entails. Now you can relax because we will take care of the sale, the purchase and all the bureaucracy. You can sit back and imagine your future.

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We're changing the way houses are sold and bought.
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If you're selling a house

If you're buying a house

If you're selling and buying

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We start with the valuation. Our algorithm compares your house with others that have the same characteristics. All you have to do is enter the house address and a few other pieces of information and in three minutes you'll know the home value.

The next step is sharing more information about your house with us through our App. Then we'll make you a purchase offer or look for the perfect buyer for you.


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13 January 2023

A day at Casavo as Construction Project Manager: Álvaro

The first thing that I noticed when I came here is that, at Casavo all suggestions of improvement, feedback are listened to, and if it makes sense actions are taken and it can become a part of your job.

09 December 2022

A day at Casavo as Seller Advisor Expert: Francesco

I think the work environment is what excites me the most. Because at Casavo there is a very progressive and open to change mindset." We talked to Francesco, our Seller Advisor Expert in Milan, who explained his journey at Casavo. What does a day in his life look like? Read his story now.

28 November 2022

New possibilities for selling a house, simply

Cross-referencing the data of sellers and buyers to find the right match: the new recipe for selling a house

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