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To change the way houses are sold and bought all over Europe.

Casavo's story

Do you feel this air of freedom?

A home is an important place.
It is the place where we relax, work and live our life. A life that changes and our home changes with it.

However, selling or buying a house isn't so simple. Which is why Casavo was created to improve this experience.

To give value to your home when your life changes.
To give you the freedom to go through this change serenely. To accompany you towards a new beginning.

We will guide you to your new home

We buy your house directly or find a final buyer.

We select move-in ready houses, with additional mortgage and insurance services available and the assistance of technology throughout.

You leave the most difficult parts to us, your worries disappear and you can finally feel free.

Free to plan, change, celebrate.
Free to dream.

We believe in the important things

Things that help us to make a difference in a sector full of complexities and that allow us to change the way people sell and buy homes across Europe.

We are clear

We take care of you, freeing you from the complexities, so you can concentrate on the best parts of selling and buying a house. By making things simpler, we give you the time and space to embrace the future.


Every house is special

We deal with homes, not just real estate. The moments and emotions you experience inside it are important to us, just like you are. Which is why we do everything with care, staying by your side in times of need.


We embrace every moment

We live the reality of what's behind every sale and every purchase, and the reasons that drive you to do either. We celebrate the good, recognize the difficulties, and remain by your side through every challenge, no matter what happens.


We bring joy

Because a house is a place to celebrate, live and make your own. Finding the right house is a wonderful journey, just like the destination.


"We imagine a world where anyone can sell and buy a house directly from their smartphone. And technology allows us to create an ecosystem that meets all home-related needs."

-Giorgio Tinacci - Casavo CEO and Founder

A great story, told in brief.

By now you know, we love simple stories.




Our story begins here.
There were four of us, with lots of ideas and a bit of naive ambition.

4 people

4 people

1 city

1 city

+400 people

Who better to tell you what it's like to deal with us than the people who've already trusted us?

Work with us

11 cities

11 cities where you can find us. An adventure that starts in Milan and arrives all the way to Lisbon.

3 countries

3 countries where we are located. Italy, Spain and Portugal. And who knows where we'll be tomorrow.

400 million

The capital raised in the last year. Thanks to those who believe in us, every day.

All the latest news is on our blog, TocToc

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