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Behind Casavo’s door: Léa and Léa, Partner Business Developers

Léa and Léa, Partner Business Developers

Léa and Léa joined Casavo a little over a year ago as Partner Business Developers. We had a moment to share with them so they could tell us about their roles and their daily life at Casavo. And you know what? They are looking for a third colleague to help them tackle the challenges of their team!

Hi Léa and Léa, thank you for having this chat with us. Please tell us more about yourself!

Hello! Thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to share our experience at Casavo. We are Léa and Léa; having two Léas in the same team is not practical, but we manage!

Both of us joined Casavo a year ago as Partner Business Developers in Paris, but we handle agent recruitments across all of France. Prior to joining Casavo, we both had experiences in real estate, both in France and abroad.

What is the role of a "Partner Business Developer" at Casavo?

Our primary mission is the recruitment of real estate advisors to expand Casavo's network. We are also responsible for organizing recruitment events, attending work fairs, and handling the onboarding of new real estate advisors. We have divided the cross-functional projects based on our respective skills. One of us manages event organization, cooptation processes, and talent hunting, while the second one takes care of the relationship with schools and organizes onboarding sessions.

What excites you the most about working in Casavo?

Every day, we are in contact with new profiles. Meeting them and understanding their aspirations and motivations is a rewarding experience. We also have the freedom to take initiatives and propose changes to evolve our internal processes.

What does a day in your life as a Partner Business Developer look like?

Our days are punctuated by 'hunting' sessions (which we call 'fury'), qualifying candidates, and updating/publishing job offers on job boards. Even though 'hunting' and conducting interviews with candidates may seem repetitive, each candidate is unique, making our job different every day. Each week we have our team meetings and meetings with the Team Leads, as we recruit real estate advisors for them. Our relationship with them is crucial, as we collaborate in the agent recruitment process. With Team Leads, we need to be transparent, teamwork-oriented, and unafraid to share our feedback on candidates. Once candidates are approved, we handle the administrative aspects and their onboarding.

What does it take to succeed as a Partner Business Developer with Casavo?

Recruiting an independent real estate agent is different from recruiting for permanent or temporary positions. A strong sales aptitude and comfort with phone communication are necessary to excel in the job. Additionally, organizational skills, a good team spirit, and the ability to adapt to changes within the company are essential.

What is one of your best memories with Casavo?

Our best memory is the organization of our participation in a career fair in Paris. This event gave us the opportunity to handle the end-to-end organization of an event. It was a real challenge that we overcame together, strengthening our team spirit with a common goal: introducing Casavo to all participants. This event was a success, resulting in the recruitment of talented consultants who are now part of the Casavo team.

What is a lesser-known fact that you wish people knew about your role?

There's a very commercial aspect to our work. We're not HR; we're true salespeople! We need to be convincing to inspire real estate advisors to join us as independent. Many are unfamiliar with this status, and there's a lot of competition and factors to consider in recruiting these profiles. We have ambitious goals for agent recruitment to expand the network, creating a dynamic that requires a high daily call volume.

Can you give us an example of an optimization you’ve implemented to improve the product?

We regularly review our processes with a critical eye, ready to optimize them as soon as possible. For instance, we completely redesigned the agent cooptation process by introducing new tools and deploying it within the agent teams. This revision, in addition to streamlining the process, allowed us to achieve budgetary savings, freeing up resources to invest in other initiatives.

We are hiring! Who are you looking for to join the team?

Yes, we are hiring a third Partner Business Developer to help us recruit even more real estate advisors! As we mentioned before, having a strong sales aptitude is a must. And, of course, being organized, a good communicator, and being resilient are essential!

Interested? Apply here!

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