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Casavo02 November, Tech Team

Casavo and Miogest: new integration, lots of new listings

From the very beginning of Casavo we have believed that technology could change the real estate sector by simplifying the property buying and selling experience. The launch of our listings platform took us a step in this direction. Today we are taking another step forward to offer new opportunities to those who are looking for a house and also to real estate professionals with the integration of the Casavo listings platform with Miogest, one of the most popular management software tools for real estate agents.

For those of you looking for a house, what changes?

If you are looking for a property to purchase, this new integration will permit you to discover an even higher number of properties for sale. More listings means more choice and a higher chance of quickly finding the house of your dreams. The objective of Casavo is to help you in this process!

On our platform you will find only listings that are verified and promoted by certified agents. We are committed to providing innovative tools, such as the possibility to do a virtual tour to learn more about your next house directly from your couch.

Our platform’s search engine allows you to select, in just a few clicks, the options you prefer: from the size to the number of rooms, from the type of property to the various extra services such as parking spaces or concierge. And today, thanks to the integration with Miogest, you will have even more opportunities to get started right away creating your future.

Always more for real estate professionals

If, instead, you are a real estate agent registered with Miogest you can start right away promoting your listings thanks to the Casavo tools. If you haven’t yet signed up to become a partner, you can do so for free on Doris – the platform we created for and with real estate agents. With Doris you will have access to a series of exclusive functions created to enhance our partners’ work.

With just one click you can publish your listings on Casavo at no cost to you and reach hundreds of thousands of users who visit our platform every month, a simple and fast service in perfect Casavo style.

And that’s not all: you can also indicate to us the properties you want to sell directly to us. If they fall within our target, we will quickly present you with a direct offer, and you will get the full market commission, saving you both time and work.

Discover how to become a Casavo partner and gain immediate access to all the discounts and deals we have in store for you!

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