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Casavo11 August, Lara Bonalume

Purchasing a house from Casavo? Let’s start with your questions

Are you looking to purchase your next property and would like to evaluate what Casavo has to offer? To help you learn more about us, we have gathered together the answers to the most frequently asked questions about purchasing a home from people – just like you – who have chosen to rely on us.

How does the Casavo purchasing process work?

The purchasing steps for a Casavo property are the same as any “classic” purchase:

  1. select a property that interests you and make an appointment;
  2. submit a purchase offer;
  3. once a purchase agreement is reached, we sign a Binding Purchase Offer;
  4. We conclude the transfer of ownership with the title deed.

Keep in mind that during the entire process you will have by your side a professional from one of our partner agencies and you’ll also always have at your disposal a Casavo consultant if and when needed.

Buying with Casavo

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Are the homes sold fully furnished like in the images in the listings?

Not always.

The photos of Casavo properties that you see on our website are graphic renderings, aka digital reproductions of the rooms completely furnished. The purpose of these are to illustrate the potential of the apartment and help you to imagine how your new home could look. However, the interior design renderings do not constitute a turnkey sales proposal.

If you like what we have designed and you would like to have a home that is fully furnished according to a design, with Casavo you can have access to real interior design projects. Just ask us to send you the details of the furnishings that you see in the rendering and free of charge you will receive the details regarding the furnishings to create your future home.

What happens if I discover that the property I’m buying from Casavo has outstanding claims or issues?

In this case as well, you have nothing to worry about because Casavo will take care of everything. As we are the client of the construction company during the renovation, it is our task to deliver the property to you in the conditions and within the time frame provided for in our agreement.

If something happens to the company doing the work, we quickly find another company to complete the job, ensuring that it meets the high-quality standards that we demand from all our suppliers.

Buying with Casavo

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What’s the difference between the Casavo properties and other properties listed on your website?

On our website you’ll find two types of properties:

Casavo Properties: if you see a check mark next to the price on a listing published on our website it means that the property is owned by Casavo. This means that we have entrusted the renovation work to professionals in the field, verified and resolved all pending liens on the property and only after all this has it been listed for sale.

Agency Partner Listings: a listing without a check mark indicates a property that we have not purchased, but that is a listing managed directly by one of our real estate agency partners. In this case as well, you have nothing to worry about: we only accept quality listings and we only work with professionals who adhere to our same high standards.

How do you renovate properties?

When we purchase a property, we give it a complete makeover, substituting all the bathroom fixtures and the plumbing and electrical wiring. If you want to purchase a property from Casavo, we are happy to provide you with the specific details of the renovation.

Now that you have a clearer vision of how Casavo works, why not take a look at our property listings?

And remember: for more information or to make an appointment you can always use our toll free number 800 180 476 or contact us via e-mail [email protected].

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