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Casavo12 March, Marketing Casavo

The Impact of 360° Feedback: Fostering people development at Casavo

Receiving feedback is the best opportunity for all of us to grow professionally and personally (from interns to company leaders). The feedback culture is at the heart of Casavo DNA since the early stage of the creation of the company.

We are convinced that a 360° feedback culture is one of our management pillars, and also a development and engagement asset for all our talents.

Thanks to recurrent, constructive and factual feedback on strengths and areas of improvement all of us receive motivation, encouragement and suggestions for improvement. Throughout the year, we are able to capitalize on this regular feedback, and receive support from managers to make the most of it and ensure continuous progress.

At Casavo, feedback is not just top-down, and we have many ways to share and receive feedback.

Goals and development reviews

Once a year, before our Goals and Development Review (bi-annual review with our manager) we have to do a self-assessment and gather feedback from:

Colleagues with whom we work the most,

Our manager, to whom we should also share feedback too.

This feedback is composed of:

  • Highlight of our strengths which helped the team to achieve its objectives. With an explanation of each of them, and examples.
  • Highlight of our areas of improvement, with explanations of the behavior we should stop or improve, and examples.
  • We also have to self-assess and ask our colleagues to assess our cultural fit based on our company values.

This feedback is key for our Manager and HRBP to build the action plan (training, promotion, role changes…) based on what each of us needs to improve in the coming months, or keep doing.

1-1s with managers and colleagues

One-to-ones with managers and colleagues are also recurrent moments during which we are keen to share and receive feedback from colleagues. These meetings are really important to ensure that we are in good shape to keep improving our behavior and job performance based on the feedback received.

Casavo pulse survey

Each quarter a short survey is sent to the whole company with the aim of measuring the Employee Net Promoters Score (eNPS) which is an index of engagement and trust towards the company. The eNPS is calculated based on our answer to the questions: “On a scale of 0 to 10, how likely are you to recommend our company as a workplace?”.

We have extended the questionnaire to gather feedback from employees on diverse people, management and company topics (ie. Learning and development opportunities offered to employees, Management, Team dynamics, Work life balance, Collaboration, Compensation).

This survey is an opportunity for us to share feedback and ideas thanks to the open questions like “Which advice or feedback would you give to C-levels?” or “How could your experience at Casavo be improved?”. Each feedback received helps the HR team, C-levels and Managers to take actions at each level of the company (global, country or team).

The analysis of the feedback is done by the HR team, and the results are shared to C-levels and to managers to define dedicated action plans with HRBPs which are then shared to the teams.


Employees also share feedback about their past or current experience at Casavo via Glassdoor. The HR team takes care of answering to each of them, and takes them into account also for potential action plans.

Feedback is really important, at any stage of the career of an employee or at any stage of a company. Feedback is key to never stop growing and improving personally, professionally and internally at the company level. That’s why 360°, bottom-up and top-down feedback are key in a company culture.

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