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Casavo24 April, Marketing Casavo

Supporting the real estate world: Casavo’s new property listings showcase

Simplicity and innovation are the key words that guide our work every day to improve and facilitate the real estate buying and selling process. That’s why we have dedicated our attention and resources to the research and study of new digital solutions.

In order to do this, on a daily basis we are actively working and discussing ideas with our real estate agent partners. In the midst of this crisis, like the one that the market is currently experiencing, we have involved over 1000 real estate agents to listen to their needs and expectations. Out of this discussion and reflection, a new project has arisen which we hope will simplify the work of the agents and help those who – like you – want to sell their home or are looking for a new one to purchase.

Casavo’s new space to feature our partners

During these complex weeks, which have been challenging not only for the professionals in our industry but also for private individuals, we’ve decided to concentrate our energy on creating a space that provides the maximum emphasis on high-quality real estate listings. As of today, thanks to our portal which already covers Bologna, Florence, Milan, Rome, Turin and Verona, looking for a house has become even easier and within everyone’s reach.

The big news about our new space is this: listings that are suitable for publication will be evaluated and selected with care before being published online. So, you can forget your worries and dedicate yourself fully to finding your future home. The Casavo space dedicated to partners’ listings will be accessible only to an authorized group of real estate agents who will be able to publish real estate listings in line with our high-quality standards. This will allow everyone – from agents to potential buyers like you – to be able to count on our high standards of reliability and professionalism that have always distinguished the Casavo world.

Discover the advantages of our new showcase

The search for a new home can be long and tiring. Finding the right home for you and your needs requires time and patience and too often real estate listings that you find online don’t allow you to have a precise idea of the property which you are considering. Lack of clarity, fragmented information, photos that are low-quality and that don’t show the important details: all these factors aren’t helping, right?

Casavo’s new digital space offers a solution to exactly this issue in order to guarantee the best quality and to minimize the effort needed to search for your future home. In fact, you will find:

  1. High-quality listings with high-definition photos and accurate details, both of which are necessary to get a clear idea before making an appointment to view the home.
  2. Qualified real estate agents who have earned Casavo’s trust, so you are assured the most professional and competent intermediaries.
  3. Technology that is constantly evolving and responding to your needs in order to simplify your life as much as possible.

Furthermore, our service will be totally free to the agents who are inserting the real estate listings. This decision allows us to show you only the solutions that are most suitable to your search. You won’t see any advertisement listings, you won’t see any sponsored or duplicate listings. In other words, you will find only what you really need: the home of your dreams.

All this will be possible thanks to the many filters you can apply to narrow your search criteria and visualize only the most pertinent listings:

  • Size and number of rooms
  • Floor of the building
  • Type and characteristics of the property
  • Price range

You will be able to decide the order in which they are displayed, visualize the property’s location on a map and read a detailed description. Trust me, looking for a home has never been this easy!

Purchasing a home doesn’t have to be a tiresome process but can instead be a pleasant experience you remember fondly. For this reason, at Casavo we’ll never stop serving you and, through our new section of home sales listings, we’ll continue our commitment to giving top priority to the needs of buyers like you.

Only quality real estate listings

Quality is the most important aspect of what we do here at Casavo. Because of this, for the platform we have set strict criteria to be met for the listings themselves as well as for the agents who are given access.

Our team of experts will assess every listing before it is published to ensure that each one contains high definition photographs, precise information and all the details you need to understand if the listing you are viewing is the right home for you.

Furthermore, we are selecting only licensed real estate agents to use the portal, and new requests will always be examined with the utmost care before being approved. In this way, we ensure that we only work with truly reliable partners who operate, like us, in the interest of the most precious asset we have: our customers.

The only thing left to do is invite you to discover our real estate listings: your next home is there waiting for you together with all of us here at Casavo.

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