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Casavo05 January, Lara Bonalume

What being a tech startup means to us

We know there are bigger companies to work for: we aren’t Google, Facebook or Apple. However, we are creating something unique in Italy: a company that rewards competency and fosters growth according to ethical processes, while adopting innovative technologies such as Kotlin, TypeScript and Elixir. We were born as an Instant Buyer company – a unique business model in Italy -, but we quickly embraced the mission of becoming a technological frontrunner in the real-estate world, offering many vertical solutions, all created with the same purpose: simplify the way people buy and sell houses.

This is how we are doing it.

We believe that the quality of technology determines the quality of peoples’ lives.

At Casavo we are committed to the highest technology standards to offer the best user experience and a stimulating environment to developers. We believe that technology is the key to simplifying all processes: making it accessible to anyone makes life easier. This is why we keep raising the bar on the quality of our software. Our approach to technology is exemplified by our ThoughtWorks’ Technology Radar, a target-like synthesis of technologies’ position with a 4-way categorization, where tools, languages and frameworks, platforms and techniques are put on a quadrant and combined with other relevant factors such as hold, access, trial, and adoption. The closer to the target, the more relevant to the company. We want to pursue all the steps to become a major player in the tech world and stay there for a very long time.

We offer a technical career path.

At Casavo we value talent more than anything else, and this is why we offer a double career path. The evolution of a developer and of all the other tech people does not necessarily involve a managerial career, as often happens in the larger workforce. At Casavo we offer a tech ladder where technical knowledge and experience drive growth, as we deeply believe that the quality of the software depends on the quality of the developers. The more new skills and competencies a developer acquires, the higher the value for our company. While growing inside Casavo, you can therefore decide to pursue the career that suits you best.

We rely on Agile methodologies… for real!

At Casavo we adopt agile methodologies in our daily work, from discovering requirements and developing new solutions to working in cross-functional teams. Self-organization and decision-making autonomy are quintessential to our company culture, where every developer and member of the team is encouraged to experiment with different technologies and create unexpected solutions. We’re not perfect, but every day we try to do a little bit better, together.

As we grow at the speed of light, we are always looking for the most talented people to help us fulfill our mission of bringing innovation to the real estate market.

Discover our open positions and join our team:

Casavo has received various awards for its company culture, such as the Great Place to Work (2019) and Best Workplaces™ for Millennials (2020).

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