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What kind of houses can I find on Casavo?

On Casavo, you can find all kinds of homes: move-in ready or in need of renovation, managed by us or by an external real estate agent.

Who should I contact if I like a house on Casavo?

All listings have either a telephone number or a form to be filled out. For preview houses, you just have to click on the button "Receive updates".

Can I sell and buy simultaneously?

Casavo supports both sellers and buyers, so we've got you covered! Let's kick off the process by getting a home value estimate. When talking to a Casavo agent, you can tell them you're also interested in buying a house.

What is a preview house?

It's a unique perk for buyers. If you have a Casavo account, we'll email you when a seller has a home that matches what you're looking for. It will contain important details and photos of the home before it's officially listed on the market. If you like it, we'll call you as soon as it's available, allowing you to be the first to visit and secure it at the right price.

Still some doubts?

No problem, contact us whenever you want.

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