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Why don't you buy my house?

Every situation is unique, and sometimes a direct sale to Casavo may not be the most advantageous option for you. That's why we aim to connect you with potential buyers to help you maximize your profit quickly.

Can I sell with Casavo and another agency?

It depends. If you have an exclusive listing agreement with the other agency, you can't. Otherwise, you can.

Can I sell and buy simultaneously?

Casavo supports both sellers and buyers, so we've got you covered! Let's kick off the process by getting a home value estimate. When talking to a Casavo agent, you can tell them you're also interested in buying a house.

Can I sell a house that requires renovation?

Absolutely, you can. Our home value estimate factors in any potential renovations your home might need. If you decide to sell, keep in mind that buyers' offers may be lower, as they'll need to consider renovation costs.

Can I sell a house that is currently being rented?

Yes, you can. During the survey, you can indicate that your house is currently rented. When we discuss the details with you, we'll consider the timeline that works best for you.

Still some doubts?

No problem, contact us whenever you want.

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