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I have a problem with fixtures

<b>Do window frames open with difficulty?</b> If they have been replaced, you should allow a minimum of settling time. If the problem persists, in agreement with the condominium, we will send you the fitter to adjust the window frame. <b>Are there any infiltrations (air or water)?</b> If they have appeared after the renovation, let the installer intervene by exercising the warranty. <b>Is the roller shutter/ roller blind blocked or does it not slide properly?</b> If they have been replaced, open the shutter box to check for debris blocking the movement. If the problem persists, please contact us. <b>Is the front door of your house defective and/or malfunctioning?</b> If it was already there: If there is an agreement with the condominium, contact us for full replacement

I have a problem with walls and ceilings

<b>Are there traces of mould?</b> <list>If it is infiltration, the mould will be in the first 40 cm of the wall height (due to incorrect waterproofing of balconies and terraces) or on the ceiling (if there are problems with waterproofing on the upper floor). In this case, the problem must be managed with the condominium.</list> <b>If it is a question of thermal bridges (=if the mould is at a point of increased heat flow), the mould will be in the corners (at the 'junction' of several walls).</b> <list>If other flat blocks also have the same problem, there may be poor insulation of the entire flat block or a problem with the exposure of the flat itself. In this case, the problem should be handled with the condominium.</list> <list>If the problem occurs only in one flat, it may be attributable to 'wrong user habits' (e.g. clothes drying in the house, poor indoor air exchange, etc.). In this case, the problem can be solved or mitigated by manually opening the windows or by installing Controlled Mechanical Ventilation (CMV) devices.</list> <b>Does the plaster have cracks and/or fissures?</b> Casavo's guarantee covers you if <list>less than one month has passed since the work was completed; </list> <list>cracks have appeared on pre-existing plastered/broken walls</list> Casavo's guarantee does not cover you if: <list>the cracks have appeared on pre-existing walls that have only been painted according to the project plans; the flat is located near infrastructure that may cause vibrations (e.g. metro, tram, bus, etc.); </list> <list>there have been vibrations caused by any other external factor (e.g. a neighbour carrying out work, assembling furniture or posters, etc.).</list> <b>Walls and window frames do not have adequate sound insulation?</b> Casavo's guarantee covers you if the walls and window frames in question have been renovated.

I have a problem with floors

First, check whether the Handover Casavo Buyer document (or, if you have one, the Specification) says whether we have changed the existing screed. If the pre-existing screed has instead been maintained, the floor may not be perfectly coplanar despite the floor having been laid correctly and despite the parquet tiles/layers performing their aesthetic and sealing functions correctly.

I have a problem with implants

<b>Are the lighting points missing?</b> Check whether it says in the Handover Casavo Buyer document (or, if you have one, in the Specifications) whether the installation of lighting points was planned. <b>Does the circuit breaker of the electrical system trip?</b> <list>Check how many appliances are in operation at the same time. If there are too many, it is normal for the circuit breaker to trip.</list> <list>If Casavo has rebuilt the system, check in the 'Declaration of Conformity' (DICO) document what the maximum power rating of the system is. If necessary, you can contact the relevant authorities to request a kW increase.</list> <b>Do radiators not heat completely?</b> <list>If you have condominium heating, you should ask the condominium administrator or the condominium maintenance technician to put the system under pressure.</list> <list>If you have independent heating, please contact us.</list>

I have a problem with the kitchen cabinets

<b>If you want to install wall units on the kitchen wall</b>, check in the Handover Casavo Buyer document (or, if you have one, in the Specification) whether the wall concerned was pre-existing or not. If the wall is<b>new</b>, you can install wall units if the wall is masonry. If, on the other hand, it is plasterboard, please contact us to find out where the stiffening elements to support the weight of the wall units are.

I have a problem with outdoor areas

Check whether the Handover Casavo Buyer document (or, if you have one, the specifications) states whether renovation of the spaces outside the flat is planned. Generally, this type of work is not planned. Such work is often to be handled by prior agreement and together with the other condominiums, as the external parts must have the same type of finish in every flat of the condominium. Here are a few cases: the railings have scratches, peeling paint; the external flooring is damaged, sloping or missing some tiles; the external surfaces of the perimeter walls are discoloured, stained, or have plaster detachments.

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