How it works

Our service has no costs. Our offer simply includes a discount on the market value of the house.


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First valuation

We will get back to you in 24 hours to tell you whether or not we are interested in your property.

AFTER 7 days

First visit

One of our experts will come visit your property to evaluate its condition.

First offer

One of our experts will prepare a purchase offer by using market data and information you provided.

Technical Due Diligence

We will engage an outside expert to verify the correctness of our offer.


Final Offer

We'll make a final offer and be ready to proceed to the closing with the notary.


Notary Meeting

Our clients

“The traditional real estate process was very stressful, a stress from which Casavo instead finally liberated me!”


Isabella's Story →

Going back, I would chose to do exactly the same and I will for sure suggest Casavo to other people. In my own small way, I already speak well of you to my colleagues.


Salvatore's Story →

“I must say that the speedness and the warranties offered by Casavo have been key for the sale”


Stefano's story →

A real-time valuation.

No stress, a clear price and a maximum of 2 property visits.

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