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What’s the difference between selling to Casavo (Instant Buying) and a traditional sale?

Casavo has inserted itself into the Italian real estate market, which has deep roots and is not very innovative.

Selling your property to Casavo allows you to conclude the transaction in a short amount of time, without accumulating the stress from the traditional sales process we are used to, with its long timelines and many uncertainties.

Casavo allows you to immediately know your property’s market price, thanks to the instant valuation tool on the website. Right after, you have the possibility to ask to be contacted directly by one of the Casavo experts to finish the valuation and receive a purchase offer.

By selling your house to Casavo, you avoid the necessity of organizing numerous open houses (you will have just two visits!) and, above all, you limit the transaction costs because you won’t have to pay commission to a real estate agent.

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