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Do you want to buy a house with Casavo?

Four steps and it is done. The method is traditional; we have just simplified things a little. 1. Choose the house that interests you most. On our platform, you will find hundreds of listings with all the information you need, including floor plans, photos, furnished renderings and virtual tours. Some of them are from our real estate agency partners; others are properties we own, which you can identify thanks to the identification number and writing, “Casavo Property.” You can have complete peace-of-mind with all our properties because we know them inside and out. They are free from all liens and are secure, well finished and ready to live in. 2. Make an appointment to see the property. Viewing it online in an interactive way is great, but seeing a property in person is an entirely different experience. Especially because, in person, you can ask for all the specific details you need. 3. Make a purchase offer. You can do so even right after you have agreed on a price with the seller. You are almost there! Remember: the purchase offer is binding. 4. Buy the house. Really. Now for the last step: going to the notary with your Casavo representative who, at the end of closing, will hand you the keys to your new home. During the entire process, as well as after the purchase, you can always ask for help with anything you need from the Casavo Team. Because we care about you and your new house.

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